About us - Friendship - Justice - Learning

The Greater Minnesota Alumni Chapter was founded in 2019 as the Greater Minnesota Alumni Club. It received official recognition as an Association of the Sigma Chi Fraternity in October of 2019. In February of 2021, the chapter was chartered and recognized as an official alumni chapter of the Sigma Chi Fraternity.

This group gets together six times a year in various fashions to try to engage our brotherhood.

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Our purpose - Why have another alumni chapter?

The purpose of this alumni organization shall be:

  • Aims. Advancing the goals of friendship, justice, and learning.
  • Fraternity. Strengthening the name and ideals of the Sigma Chi Fraternity.
  • Brotherhood. Providing and maintaining a vehicle for all area Sigma Chi alumni to share in the bonds of brotherhood.
  • Undergrads. Assisting nearby undergraduate chapters.
  • Philanthropy. Supporting both financially and through participation, the programs of the Sigma Chi Fraternity and Foundation.
  • Member Growth. Providing career, employment and academic guidance for both alumni and undergraduates.
  • Inform. Providing a representative voice of area alumni regarding Fraternity issues.
  • Impact. Contributing to the betterment of society and our communities by fostering healthy community relations and undertaking meaningful community service activities.

Executive Committee

  • DJ Gries


  • Benjamin Barnard

    Vice President

  • Mike Garrity


  • Tim Sullivan


  • Roy Malki


Ex Officio Executive Committee Members and Volunteers

  • Todd Larson

    Grand Praetor | Undergraduate Liaison

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